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Old Sparky

Oklahoma State Penitentiary History (OSP) —- The Tannehill Historical Museum contains one of the largest collections of OSP memorabilia in the region. Items and documents from construction to present day in regard to capital punishment are present and well documented artifacts such as locks, badges, uniforms, firearms, prison contraband items, along with information and photos on inmates of notoriety. The museum showcases the history of both outlaws, and lawman of Southeast Oklahoma.


Tannehill Historical Museum

Feathered Historical Guns

Historical firearms and Military Artifacts —- The museum boasts of hundreds of guns, many from the 1800 hundreds, such as colt revolvers and Winchester rifles and shotguns. The type of firearms that as they won the west. Supporting artifacts such as a Wells Fargo chest along with knives and swords, old cowboy stuff like spurs and branding irons’. Things used by both sides of the law. Audio enhancement would greatly aid in the describing the artifacts as to the manufacturer, types and caliber, the setting they were likely used. Stories and trivia on their creators’ and the ability to relate any known history of a given artifact.
Many, many firearms with military influence are on display ranging from Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam, representing their countries of issue. Supporting artifacts such as helmets’, swords, knives, uniforms, battle flags plus documents and photos lending to the historical accuracy and educational value of the display. This is an area where audio and video enhancement can help greatly regarding interaction with visitors, explaining the history of items they are viewing, where they came from and primary use. Interesting stories and testimony can be preserved for future generations while there are a few left to tell it.


Doll Collection—- Mrs. Tannehill’s vast collection of dolls numbers into the hundreds. An original Shirley Temple and ww1 Uncle Sam doll may be seen when visiting the museum. Many china head dolls and limited edition dolls help make up the collection. This section is often a favorite among visitors. Connected to early day travel and communication. A horse drawn buggy along with a vintage 1929 model a ford truck are highlights. Supporting artifacts include a gravity flow gasoline pump, railroad items, an old wooden phone booth along with antique telephones. Signs ,saddles and photos also lend support.

Tannehill Historcial Museum Archives

J.J. McAlester as Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma. Oil painting on display


McAlester and Pittsburg County History—-artifacts pertaining to our city’s founder, J.J. McAlester are available for viewing at the Tannehill museum. A spinning wheel that belonged to Mr. McAlester’s served a term as lieutenant governor of the state of Oklahoma. The museum has script money that McAlester paid his employees with from the coal mines to be spent at the company store “The J.J. McAlester Mercantile Company”. Dry goods, hardware clothes, supplies of all kinds were available, everything a family needed to get by. Candle molds; pant pressers hand operated vacuum cleaner and kitchen gadgets of all kinds. Hardware store equipment such as a large coffee grinder. Cheese cutters, tobacco cutters rope maker, broom maker, corn shucker and much more too numerous to mention.