Museum History

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Mr. Tannehill sitting in the electric chair after being delivered to the museum in 1981.

The Tannehill Historical Museum, was founded by James “JET” Tannehill and Edna Earl Tannehill as a collection of western memorabilia for the McAlester round up club in the 1960′s. The museum began after JET Tannehill returned from the Marine Corp. at the end of World War II, as a veteran of the pacific theater of the war. Initially beginning with items brought back with him as souvenirs and a collection of western memorabilia as a member of the McAlester Saddle Club. Over the years many donation was made to the museum, many of which came from members of JET Tannehill’s platoon that served with him. Other parts of the collection came from Edna’s collection of dolls and McAlester memorabilia. Edna Earl who work for the McAlester Fuel Company during the 1940′s and 50′s. Many of the artifacts showcase at the Tannehill Museum was donated by the McAlester Fuel Company by Mrs. Puterbaugh after her husband died and the company was sold.The museum has since grown to host several collections illustrating the rich history of the McAlester and Oklahoma. The museum is owned and operated by the Tannehill Family and is a non for profit 501c organization.The museum shown by appointments only and is free admission to everyone who makes an appointment.