Gun & Prison Museum McAlester Okla

Tannehill Historical Museum

Tannehill Historical Gun and Prison Museum is proud to be not only be apart but to showcase the rich history of Southeast Oklahoma. From days before statehood to prison riots of 1973, the museum host artifacts that each tell a store. Located in North Town; the Tannehill Historical Museum presents what determination and grit that McAlester began with. We proudly display these materials to the public at no admission charge. All tours at the Tannehill Historical Museum are shown by appointments only and are guided. The museum  has something for everyone. From historical guns to memorabilia from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, Mrs. Tannehill’s Doll collection that is home to a very special Shirley Temple doll.

Over the years the Museum has grown from a few items donated by War World II veterans to western enthusiast who wanted to share their passions with other. The Museum housed the actual electronic chair known as “Old Sparky” after it was retired and surplus from the Department of Corrections. After 50 years of growth the museum has outgrown its present building. In 2013 and 2014 the museum under went a major change with the construction of a new building. the new museum is being built adjacent to old museum. The new building will be 5,000 square feet, and  will allow visitors more access to the artifacts and materials housed by the museum.

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Tannehill Historical Museum Archives

Alderidge Hotel McAlester Oklahoma.

Tannehill Historical Museum Archives

Grand Avenue Station of the McAlester Fire Department then known as South McAlester

Tannehill Historical Museum Archives

The MKT train station in McAlester, OK.